Thursday, August 5, 2010

Spotlight on... BECKY!

Hello hello! Hope you are all enjoying your summer - I know I am. This will be the last personal spotlight before the quilt shop/business spotlights begin. I’ll be going back to PMQ guild members in October (maybe November, we’ll see!). Until then, read on to learn more about Becky!

• Tell me a bit about yourself: name, location, affiliations, personal stuff.
My name is Becky Moyer and I live in Montgomeryville. I've been in the area all of my life - a rare thing these days! My husband, Brian, is also a local, but of the Bucks County variety. We have a daughter, Samantha, who is almost two.

• What do you do (employment or for fun)?
I was previously in Health Administration, but am currently a stay a home mom contemplating my next phase in life when I do return to the workforce.

• How did you get started quilting?
My grandmother has quilted all my life and has had to stop due to arthritis. When my daughter was born, I wanted her to have a quilt that was made just for her. Since my grandmother can no longer do it, I figured I would give it a try. I already knew how to sew clothing since my mom taught me. I figured it was a natural next step for me and my sewing machine.

• How old were you when you made your first quilt?
Same age as I am now! :)

• Who taught you to quilt?
I took a piecing class at Country Quiltworks. I'm now hooked!

• Did you ever take quilting lessons from someone?
I also have taken a machine quilting class at Byrne's. Just started machine quilting my first baby quilt (the crayon quilt in my photos).

• What do you like best about quilting?
Love the endless possibilities. With so many different fabrics and patterns to choose from, it's a wonderful creative outlet. I love that at the end I have something nice and warm to snuggle with!

• What is the hardest thing about quilting?
For me right now it's color choice. I need to learn more about colors, their values and how to combine them. I tend to stick with safe choices and use the same fabric lines all in one quilt. I need try to challenge myself to be more scrappy and brave.

• How do you decide what pattern to make?
It's still based on my ability level. As a beginner I need to stick with something that I can handle.

• Where do you do your work? Do you have a quilting room?
I use our guest bedroom. It's actually my craft room with a bed in it since my stuff is out of control. I am also a scrapbooker so currently the craft room is locked in a power struggle between paper and fabric.

• Do you use a sewing machine, long arm quilter or do you quilt by hand?
For my small baby quilts I'm using my own machine to quilt them. I have made one large quilt and it is currently on the wait list at my grandmother's church for hand quilting by their guild. I have another large project in process and hope to have them quilt it also.

• How much time do you quilt during an average week?
This really depends. I rotate between all my different hobbies so some weeks I quilt a lot and some weeks, not much.

• Do you name your quilts or label them?
I don't have an actual "finished" quilt to label yet! I am hoping to see some quilt label ideas on our new PMQG website for inspiration.

• How do you choose your colors? What are your favorites?
I try to base my colors on the recipient of the quilt. Since I've made mostly baby quilts, I try to stick to something fun and juvenile. I am working on my first quilt for myself and I went with my favorite colors, purple and blue. I hope my husband doesn't mind!

• Where do you buy your fabrics and materials? Is there any particular supply you’re partial to?
I'm struggling with this now. I loved Country Quiltworks, but they are only there for a short time. I don't feel confident enough to purchase much online though I did get some of my stuff from Fat Cloth and Bobbin in Narberth is fantastic and I think will be my new source for fabric yumminess.

• What quilt(s) are you working on now?
I'm making my first queen size quilt for myself. I have 3 baby quilts in progress since everyone around me is having babies!

• Do you make up your designs?
Not yet. I really want to learn how to do this, but need to master some more of the basics first.

• What other crafts do you indulge in or hope to learn?
I love scrapbooking; I'm finding fabric to be like paper. You just want to collect it because it's pretty and have a hard time cutting it up! I also play with photography but need to figure out how to take a good photo of a quilt!

• What are your quilting related goals?
To learn as much as possible and make some beautiful quilts!

• What do you consider your greatest quilting related achievement?
Completing the quilt in my beginner class. It is the pink and brown quilt and was quite a challenge.

• What is your motto?
Get excited by the little stuff, sometimes there is no big stuff.

Thank you, Becky! The photos are just gorgeous.
The spotlight will be back in two weeks with a focus on our fearless leader, Julie Herman!


  1. Hi Becky: It is great to see all your quilting progress. They look beautiful. Thanks for mentioning Cloth & Bobbin and I look forward to seeing you for your next shopping trip.

  2. Johanna, No problem! Thanks for you all your help, I appreciated it.
    Thanks Nicole for putting this together!