Wednesday, August 11, 2010

stitch & pitch!

last night members of the philly modern quilt guild & family attended stitch & pitch!
38 of us in total!
{ i tried to get a shot with most of us in it}

it was really really hot..
and sticky...
which made sewing hard.. but many of us tried anyway!

stitch & pitch is a collaboration between the national needle arts association and ballparks

 because we had so many people attend we got our name on the scoreboard!

these women were a part of the group that threw out the first pitch

rachael struggling to thread a needle...
"does anyone have scissors"
a few minutes later...

the usher misses a play and turns to nick... "someone has to know how that run was scored... what happened"
nick "sorry i missed it... i was watching her quilt"
{we all start laughing}
my dad then explains what happens... play by play

eating yummy food

me with candi

marlene with her daughter

the place was packed!

some game highlights...

this is Dominic Brown...

here he is again.

then Dominic Brown hit his 1st major league home run!

and the bell lit up & rang

and lots of people yelled!

Dominic Brown on phan-a-vision later... now showing ONE home run!

we have the best mascot... he shoots hot dogs into the stands

we had great seats...

janet snapping a photo of me... snapping one of her...
i gotta get that photo from her!

unfortunately we weren't winning
but that didn't stop us from having fun!!

there was lots of yelling in the 9th when Ibanez got a hit and kept his hitting streak going!

and even though few members of the guild {or the stadium in general} made it to the end of the game... for those that did it got pretty exciting... rally caps and all

let me set the scene...

{9th inning. 2 outs.}
we had just scored 2 more runs... down by 6... but lots of energy in the ballpark

me "wait who is 35..who is pinch hitting?" {i then realize it's pitcher cole hamels}
rachael "he's the only one left!"

lets go cole!!


{i bite my lip when i get nervous... in between yelling and cheering of course}

unfortunately cole didn't get a hit.
and we lost...
but it was the most fun i ever had at a losing phillies game.

we also got phantic stitch & pitch bobble heads!
{ he is knitting a scarf }
he may be little... but he is so cute & now hangs out with the rest of our bobble heads!

by julie of jaybirdquilts
{ all photos taken by myself or by my dad... with our amazing new camera}


  1. I agree - the most fun ever watching a team lose in spectacular fashion! It was definitely worth it to stay to the end just to see Cole pinch hit!!

  2. Ah, the Phils. They're heartbreakers sometimes!

  3. Lovely post! I really enjoyed reading it. Looks like you all had a great time.

  4. How fun! Sounds like a great time!

  5. Great post! Thanks juls,it was a great time even though it was a "hot mess" @ the ballpark last night, great job organizing!

  6. Sorry I missed it, looks like it was a fun night!

  7. a giant shout-out to julie's mom, who saved our butt when we lost our tickets! since she kept such amazing records, we were able to pick up reprinted tiks at the stadium.
    had fun sitting w Larissa and mini Larissa, and letting my hubby pay attn to the bball game, his second love. and nobody looking at me weirdly for stitching during a game!! (keeps me from eating junk, too--and the stadium fare is almost all junk! not a green veg to be found--but hey, gotta have a hot dog once a yr, right?!

  8. We had a great time!

  9. Great recap! Love the rally cap picture! Thanks again for and my mom had a good time!

  10. Why... it's almost like being there, but instead I'm in the air-conditioned comfort of my office! Thanks for sharing the play-by-play and glad you all had a blast!

  11. This looks like it was a blast! Sorry I missed it!

  12. Nice meeting you on Tuesday at the game. Thanks for posting the picture of my blanket! I'm on Ravelry as CrochetSharon, and on Facebook as Sharon Silverman Contemporary Crochet. We gave the blanket to Project Linus at the game.