Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spotlight on.... MARLENE!

Hello! An intro would just waste the time we could all be spending oohhhing and aahhhing over the following photos, so please - read on to learn about Marlene's talents!

  • Tell me a bit about yourself:

My name is Marlene Reasoner. I am originally from Rochester, NY, we moved to the outer most suburbs of Philadelphia in 1989. I have been married to my wonderful husband Dan for 31 years. We have four adult children, Luke, who lives in Charleston, SC, Ben lives in Sellersville, Beth is still living at home and Danielle is a senior at Shippensburg University. As a family we all enjoy competitive sailboat racing. We sail a Thistle, it’s a 3 person high performance racing sailboat.

I have a blog too, .

  • What do you do (employment or for fun)?

I work part time at law firm in Blue Bell.

  • How did you get started quilting?

My grandmother was an avid quilter, and I have always admired her work. Then when we moved here we received a coupon/area guide gift basket from the “Welcome Wagon” which had a coupon for the Country Quilt Shop. I found the store, it was first time I had ever been in a “quilt” shop, and needless to say I was instantly hooked. Then I signed up for my first class.

  • Who taught you to quilt? Did you ever take quilting lessons from someone?

My first class was taught by Lois Richichi, it was a 9 block sampler sewn by hand. I have since taken classes from a variety of fabulous teachers.

  • What do you like best about quilting?

I love learning new techniques and challenging myself.

  • How do you decide what pattern to make?

I like creating my own designs using graph paper, my sketch book or Electric Quilt

  • Where do you do your work? Do you have a quilting room?

I sew in one of our bedrooms, which is my studio.

  • Do you use a sewing machine, long arm quilter or do you quilt by hand?

I have a Bernina sewing machine, however I have hand quilted a few. I also used to work for Carol Singer using her long arm to quilt customer quilts.

  • How much time do you quilt during an average week?

Usually not enough, but it really depends on what I am working on and how focused I am on that project.

  • Do you name your quilts or label them?

Absolutely! Every quilt I make gets a name and a label. I often decide what to name it during the construction process.

  • Have you ever taught someone to quilt?

I taught my youngest daughter how to quilt. For her senior project in high school, she wanted to learn how make a quilt, and have it be good enough to be juried into a national show. That was quite a task for a beginner. I taught her how to use my machine, then the basics and a few techniques. Her quilt included piecing, appliqué, couching, embellishments, and thread painting. In 2005, her quilt won Best Amateur entry at the PNQE show.

  • What do you consider your greatest quilting related achievement?

My greatest quilting achievement I would say was having one of my quilts juried into the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

  • How do you choose your colors? What are your favorites?

My favorite colors are brights, reds and yellows, although most colors get to audition for a project.

  • Where do you buy your fabrics and materials?

I tend to buy most of my fabric online, although I do love quilt shops.

  • What quilt(s) are you working on now?

I am currently working on my Love Pigs, it’s a mix of Amy Butlers Love fabric with this adorable pig fabric I found on Etsy. It just needs the outer border, and then it can be quilted. Also I just completed my design for the Project Modern: Challenge 1 and I have a few gifts in the works.

  • What are your quilting related goals?

One of my goals is to complete a bed quilt for each of my children, one made especially for each of them, like my grandmother did for all of her grandchildren.

  • What other crafts do you indulge in or hope to learn?

I am the “Mom I need a Halloween Costume by Friday” quicker sewer upper. It’s amazing what can be sewn in a short amount of time, project runway here I come! I also used to be a counted cross stitch-aholic.

  • What is your most treasured possession?

My Family.

  • What is your motto?

Not so much a motto, but a statement I often think about during the process and that is “Color gets all the credit, where Value does all the work”. I try to make sure there is always a range of values in my quilts.

Thanks to Marlene for taking the time to be interviewed! It’s always great to meet another friendly face from the guild.

Also, this will be my last spotlight but don’t worry! Allison Bailley will be continuing the fun on her own schedule, so keep your eyes peeled for the next interview. Thanks for the opportunity and for all the encouragement along the way!

Happy Autumn! ~Nicole Bruno


  1. Hi Marlene,

    Thank you for sharing your passion for quilting. I think your quilts are beautiful. Your creativity pours through your quilts. Congratulations on your entry at international Quilt Festival!
    Beautiful costumes too!
    Thanks, Nicole for introducing yet another talented quilter from the area!

  2. Love your quilts, as well as your daughter's quilt. Does she continue to sew? Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Thanks to Nicole and Marlene for your time and for sharing! Wonderful to see all the quilts.