Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Cherri House Experience

Cherri House came and spoke to the PMQG a few weeks ago.  She flew from warm Texas to dreary rainy Philadelphia.  Despite the nasty weather over 40 people came out to hear her speak and over a dozen of them were guests new to the PMQG.

Special thanks to Andrew for being our unofficial official photographer.

Here Cherri is speaking about one of the first quilts she made after years of not quilting.

City Green - much more stunning in person!  Cherri quilted many of her quilts herself, including this one.

Cherri also spoke about the importance of the back of the quilt and how it continues the story from the front of the quilt.  Every piece of the quilt tells its portion even the binding.

During the Q&A session she was asked questions relating to batting (uses fusible), thread (uses silk to quilt with), her design process and her inspirations.  The PMQG wants to thank Cherri for her wonderful presentation!

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  1. Those quilt are very nice specially the color and patterns. It would be so nice to sleep and cuddle on those.