Monday, September 24, 2012

September 2012 Philly MQG Meeting

We had no challenge this month, but here are pictures from Show and Tell!

Tricia  received her friendship swap quilt from her Australian guest

 Becky shared a blue/green do good stitches quilt......

.....and her Red Pepper Value quilt.......

...and her double wedding ring quilt!

 Danette shared her shot cotton multi-colored quilt looking for quilting suggestions.  She didn’t want to do straight line quilting.  Orange peel quilting was suggested.  

The back of her quilt.  

Thanks for sharing, ladies!  

Our challenge for October is to make a name tag.  We will also be sharing our favorite specialty rulers (bring in something you've made with it if possible!)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Member Spotlight on Anna Z.

Anna grew up in East Germany (behind the Iron Curtain) until she was 15.  She couldn’t go to a store for special things like zippers, nice jackets.  She had to make them, using parts from old clothes, curtains, etc.  Anna learned to make things from her mother.  She was always in to knitting and handwork.

When she was 20, she moved to England.  Her roommate took a quilting class.  Anna learned to paper piece from her, but didn’t like it much.  She was inspired by a friend’s patchwork quilt.  She made individual blocks for her own quilt, but didn’t put it together.  Her Aunt in German took her blocks and put them together for her.

Anna became really interested in quilting when she joined the Philly Modern Quilt Guild.

Here are some quilts that she shared with us: 

 Amy Butler pinks and greens: her first complete quilt

Anna shared the book, “ Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts” , written by the owner of Purl Soho.  She’s made the color wheel quilt from the book 4 times.

Blue Quilt Top

Red Pepper Inspired quilt, using scraps

Sew Katy Did Inspired quilt: (1/2 square value quilt)

 Table Runner: Organic piecing made during a PMQG class led by Sujata

Denyse Schmidt’s Improv Quilting Class: in shades of blue

Anna made this quilt totally by free hand (no ruler or rotary cutter) made while in Germany on vacation
 Swoon Inspired quilt made for a school raffle ready for quilting