Monday, November 5, 2012

Member Spotlight on Denise

Denise is such a prolific quilter and shared so many of her quilts with us that I'm going to intersperse the photos throughout her story. This will be a photo heavy post! Enjoy all the quilty eye candy.

Here is the first quilt she ever made:
Denise's first quilt

Growing up, no one in Denise's family sewed. She did crafts as a child and sewed for the first time in high school.

Her mother bought a cross stitch kit, didn't like it and sent it to Denise. Denise got into it!

Another craft she got into as an adult was beading. She made beaded earrings when her daughter was young.

Embroidered airplane quilt for her husband

She saw a quilt in an antique store but thought it was boring. Later a woman she worked for brought in a quilt to work and Denise was much more interested. She asked her to teach her during lunch.

Hawaiian quilt

She signed up for a quilting class at Granny's Sewing Den and made her first quilt (the red and green sampler pictured first).

Shot cottons

She belonged to another guild for a while, but really felt inspired after joining PMQG about 2 years ago.


Kitty cats with yarn

Triangles made with Lotta Jansdotter's fabric


Carnival pattern

Dot Party pattern

Dotty Dresdens

Pumpkin quilt

Christmas Embroidered Quilt

Ghastlies quilt

Christmas Quilt

Going Coastal Quilt

Bag from Jessica Levitt's book

Thank you Denise for bringing in so many wonderful quilts to share!

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