Thursday, January 3, 2013

Spotlight on Michelle

Michelle is our brave PMQG Secretary and does all the thankless work of recording what happens at our events. Usually, she usually writes down all the information on a spotlight for me but I'm going to do my best to do the post without her help!

 She started her spotlight by telling us she's not really a quilter but a crafter. Not true, I say! She just started out as a crafter. Here was her first needlework:

After that, Michelle made lots of beautiful jewelry:

 For a while she stayed with a friend in Florida and they joined a group of quilters down there who helped her make her first quilt.

This was her first mug rug that was a little quilt.

She's been a member of PMQG for about a year and a half and the first challenge she did was the monochromatic challenge.
The back even has applique on it!

Some mug rugs from swaps she participated in.

A cute little drawstring pouch:

She then made hot/cold packs and tried to sell them at craft shows.

A really adorable quilt top.

Another tote, but made with a waterproof lining.

Another PMQG challenge. We were given square pillows to cover and Michelle turned hers into a triangle!

An adorable Santa wreath made from a hat!
Samples from learning free motion quilting last year.

Seasonal decorations made from picture frames.

A clever advent calendar made from playing cards and picture frames.

Michelle showed us her drawing abilities with this sketch she made in DisneyWorld.

A Mondo bag that Michelle has in progress.

A needle-book that she made one for herself and another for a PMQG swap.

Her most recent quilt top in progress made with Central Park fabric.

Pieces from the Kona Solids Challenge that Michelle has taken apart to reassemble differently.

 And a Christmas wreath block using the same lil twister ruler she used for her first quilt.

Thank you Michelle for sharing your creativity with us!

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