Sunday, April 28, 2013

April's meeting

April was filled with tons of show and tell! We still aren't revealing the cushion challenge yet, but I promise there are some great ones you'll want to come back to see.

Everyone brought in their finished Quilts For Kids quilts. If you would like to work with this great organization, follow the link above. They provide quilt kits that you put together and they go to children in need.

Bobbi made a wonky log cabin for them.

These were made by Bobbi and Andrew.

Tricia and Stephanie had two also.

This one was Denise's quilt.

And Cathy made the purple one!

Then we got down to showing challenge projects. Nancy had her paper pieced Madrona Road fabric challenge block.

And she made this sweet heart quilt for the log cabin challenge.

Then when she realized they weren't large enough, she made two more matching log cabin quilts!

Pat made pineapples from log cabins!

 And showed us a really great way to make this with the extras from the pineapple process.

This was another version of the pineapple block that Pat showed us.

Sarah made wonky log cabins all from triangles rather than squares.

Tricia made a pillow cover from her log cabin block.

The back was just as cute!

Anna Z.'s take on the log cabin resulted in an off center giant log cabin.

Andrew's was also off center with random pieces of color in the strips.

The back really showed off the circular quilting.

Then we got to show and tell that wasn't related to a challenge. Kathy has all these sea creature blocks and was looking for a fun way to set them.

 Sara B. showed us her jelly roll race quilt from her homemade jelly roll.

Tricia had an applique block of the month quilt finished.

Jill had a challenge piece to show off from another guild. She had to make something red and white.

Cathy had her Madrona Road fabric challenge quilt finished.

Emily showed us two beautiful quilt she made from mostly vintage fabrics.

Anna Z. also had this amazing quilt finished.

It was a night with a lot of inspiration!!

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