Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May's Meeting

We have so much fun at meetings and never seem to have enough time to get through everything.. This month was not an exception.

We walked into the meeting to this.. Our super cool quilt that we are donating to the Waldorf School of Philadelphia.  Isn't it gorgeous??!!

Our member spotlight this month was on Tricia.  Tricia will have her own special spotlight post, but here's a sneak peak at some of her unique work!

This month's challenge was to bring a starter block for a round robin. We swapped starter blocks.  The receiver has a month to add to the block.  We'll bring them to the next meeting, swap again and add to that!

It was nice to see some members select starter blocks that were outside of their comfort zone!

Show and tell was great this month!  The show stealer had to be Pat's tuffett.

Everyone was amazed at the craftsmanship!

Janet shared her log cabin challenge

  Cathy's quilts

Close up shot!

Anna's jelly roll quilt (Check out the penguin in the corner!)

Anna sharing a messenger bag prototype.

Andrew's commissioned quilt

Andrew's Japan quilt.  This picture doesn't do it justice!

Heather sharing quilt blocks for Boston.

Bobbi's super cool alien quilt for her Grandchild!

Miki's first quilt

Another quilt by Miki.  We loved her fabric choice!