Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Spotlight on Sarah Bond

At August's meeting we had a spotlight on member Sarah Bond. She brought in her first quilt which was a "Goose in the Pond" pattern.

The next quilt was a family quilt from her Grandmother called Carolina Lily.

After making her first quilt she realized she didn't know anyone else that quilted. She decided to start teaching quilt making in order to meet other quilters! The first pattern she taught was this Underground Railroad.

Her next class and quilt was the Seminole quilt. (notice how the quilt edges are different?)

Then she made a Lone Star for a family member who requested muted colors.

This Lone Star experimented with stripes and dots.

A close up...

From there she moved on to the Pickle Dish.

and the New York Beauty.

And then the Orange Peel!

She made this ribbon quilt with different solids pieced into strips and then cut and re-pieced.

A second ribbon quilt.

The next two star quilts are heirlooms from Sarah's grandmother.

Next Sarah shared the story of her great grandmother who was a slave. She showed photos from a book of her great grandmother and the white woman who quilted with her.

At a family reunion auction she was able to acquire one of her great grandmother's quilts.

Finally she shared this quilt which is an original design. She made this for a competition that is being sponsored by local quilt shop Round Bobbin.

Thank you Sarah for sharing your talent and your family history with us!