Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Member's Spaces

Today we are rolling out a new monthly feature, Member's Spaces, where our guild members can show off their quilting rooms, studios, or spaces.

Kicking us of is member Miki of Sparrow Quilt Co!

Technically, I have an entire room (previously a formal living room) to house my craft/candy/netflix habits. Of course, my supplies tend to find their way throughout the entire house, but the main hub of quilting activities happens here. 

We bought three simple desks at Ikea and my helpful hubby bolted them all together to create this giant work space. One side holds the computer and business side of my quilting adventures (including filing cabinets for tax documents, etc), and the other two desks comprise my cutting and sewing space. It's pretty much always a mess, so you can never see what a great space it is in theory.

For the most part, I have to lay out my quilts on the floor, since I haven't found a good place to set up a design wall yet. Blasted windows are in the way!

This is a portion of my fabric stash. Originally organized by color, with bins to hold quarter yards or smaller, and plastic baggies to hold scraps by color. Over time it has gotten more and more disorganized, but I will go through it all again soon and have it looking lovely. 

I try to keep my room themed for its purpose. 

But it also showcases family photos and my love for antiques.

It also houses our resident school of Celestial Goldfish. Google it, they are hilarious.
In the future, we may change up what room I work in, since the living room was originally supposed to live there. Time will tell, maybe I will take over the whole house! Muahahaha!

A huge thanks to Miki for starting us off and generously showing off her quilting space. Philly MQG members, feel free to email us your photos and details! You can find more information on the Bigtent forums.

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  1. You have a very creative and inspiring space. The tie Dresden quilt looks awesome!