Monday, October 14, 2013

September Spotlight

At the September meeting we spotlighted Danette, a Montana native. As she was growing up, everything was crafted for a useful purpose, they were technicians rather than artists. Many of her early quilts were hand tied following that mindset. She shared her first sewing project, a green corduroy jacket that she made in her high school home ec class (it still fits!).  Her first quilt, shown below, was made for her best friend in high school and was fashioned from Danette's grandmother's quilting supplies and old clothing. Amazingly, her friend now lives in New Jersey and Danette was able to share the beautiful quilt with us.

Her first quilt
First quilt, detail

Danette shared this amazing sweater, which she knit for her son.

As her children began to wear out their clothing, she decided to jump back into quilting, this time using fabric from outgrown and worn out jeans. The result, below, is years in the making but it is so expertly put together that it was worth the wait. 

Denim quilt, detail

After some time, her mother began quilting and started pushing Danette to pick it back up again. 

Danette was attracted to quilts that had a geometric/Asian feel. She made (and shared with us) a stunning brown and turquoise Japanese inspired quilt with a giant kimono pieced on the back. It was while she was at the fabric shop for this quilt that she bumped into Anna, who introduced her to the Philly Modern Quilt Guild.

Back of quilt

Danette shared a number of amazing quilts, including a curved piece quilt, a scrappy "trip around the world" quilt, and a double disappearing nine-patch quilt. Danette is very interested in color and how it works and finds her time designing quilts focused on the colors.

Thank you Danette for sharing your amazing work! A huge thanks to Sara Hodsen as well for taking notes for the blog post.

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