Thursday, March 13, 2014

15 Minutes of Play - Victoria Findlay Wolfe

The Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild had the experience of listening to Victoria Findlay Wolfe lecture on February 28th about her quilts, history, process and book, 15 Minutes of Play. She was super inspiring, engaging and fun to listen to. Plus, her quilts are amazing!

On screen is a sample of her made fabric. She pulls from her scrap bin
and sews fabric together randomly until it is large enough for her liking.

Victoria presented some insights to her creativity while also acknowledging her family's quilting history, which as Cathy Lynch stated, "was something I could completely relate to and understand." Her grandmother and her quilts are one of her greatest inspirations. Victoria strongly believes that everyone should be creative every day. Through some trial and error, she determined that 15 minutes was her magic number to feel creatively fulfilled. She spends it sewing scraps into made-fabric, playing on her design wall, and looking at fabric for a new project among other things - warm up exercises to get her started moving on bigger projects.

A quilt top made by Victoria's grandmother made of
fabric scraps from clothing and other items.

"One of the biggest things that I took away from her lecture was her statement that if there is something I have done, a work in progress, that I have packed away because I hate it, do not be afraid to cut it up and make it into something new." - Elizabeth Timmons

Victoria has an upcoming exhibition of 12 Double Wedding Ring quilts
(including Double Edged Love which one the Best in Show at QuiltCON 2013)
at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts & Fiber Arts.

One of the challenges in Victoria's book is to make the quilt that you
said that you would never make.  In her case, it was a cow quilt.

Many of our members were able to spend the Saturday after the lecture working with Victoria in a workshop setting. The workshop encouraged all of the participants to expand their "normal" way of creating blocks. They explored making fabric from scraps and different blocks techniques like sewing hexagons by machine and inset seams. Victoria encouraged everyone not to be afraid of these techniques. Cathy Lynch said, "from looking at everyone's samples at the end of the day, I think the people ere definitely trying new things, which I think makes for a successful workshop."

Thank you, Victoria for inspiring us and letting us learn from you!

Lecture photographs provided by Charles Cerrone Photography. Workshop photos from Victoria's 15 Minutes of Play blog.