Tuesday, June 21, 2016

May 2016 Meeting

May's meeting was jam packed with fun!

First, we started with Bee Blocks.  Janet picked out these super cool blocks.

Ruth had a fat quarter bundle of solids, gave each member 3 pieces of fabric, and then asked them to create any block they wanted!

Then we got to see the Round Robin quilt tops after they made their first round.  We were in awe at the creative work done this round and can't wait to see them after their next round.

Becky's member spotlight amazed us all!

Bobbi had the opportunity to spend several weeks in South Africa for an African Arts, Culture and Textiles Tour.  Below are pictures of her sharing the embroidery pieces that she purchased.  These pictures don't do the pieces justice!

Other notes from the meeting:

We'll be participating in the Mancuso Quilt Fest in September.  We will Jury Quilts on Saturday, July 23rd from 10-2 at our normal meeting spot, but room S204 (second floor, right below the room we meet in)

Jessica Levitt will be speaking about Color Theory at our June Meeting.

The lecture about copywright in the Quilting World is rescheduled to July's Meeting

Next Sewing Day: Saturday, July 16 from 9-5 at UDLC.

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