Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Hexi Craze!

The Hexi Craze! by Pilar Rivera, PMQG Member

Here at the PMQG, we love hexis! We also love guild challenges. They provide an opportunity to create something outside of our comfort zone, try out new patterns and techniques, and share a common goal as a guild. Perhaps the best part: recent challenge pieces are eligible to be shown in the Mancuso 2017 show!

Our most recent guild challenge was called Show Us Your Hexis!, where guild members could bring any current hexi project, finished or unfinished to show off at the meeting. This challenge had less specific guidelines than, say, The Paint Chip Challenge from 2016...Everyone at PMQG seemed to already to be working on their own hexi project, since they are so versatile, easy, and trendy! So, we decided to allow any current hexagon project, finished or unfinished, into the challenge.

Hexagons are very popular right now in the modern quilt scene, and you can find great hexi patterns and projects on Pinterest and Instagram. One popular hexi quilt-along is Glorious Hexagons, which began in January 2016 and will continue till the end of time for some of us (the project is gorgeous and time-consuming).

Below are just a few photos of PMQG member hexi projects-in-progress.

Glorious Hexagons project
Photo courtesy Bobbi Penniman

Glorious Hexagons project
Photo courtesy Elise Bowers

Glorious Hexagons project
Photo courtesy Maryellen Grysewicz

Hexagon Table Runner
Photo courtesy Stephanie Wood

Glorious Hexagons project
Photo courtesy Pilar Rivera

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  1. All these table mats look super amazing and I really appreciate the effort of people who have done all this just by their hands. Great Share!