Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Haikus, Mug Rugs, Group Hugs & a Big Bug

Haikus, Mug Rugs, Group Hugs & a Big Bug 
by Danielle Gallagher, PMQG Member

PMQG held its annual fall retreat in the Poconos in early November, & in spite of a few "Fawlty Towers" moments with the venue (under new management and experiencing some transition issues), a wonderfully stitchy time was had by all. After all, what could be better than a whole weekend with nothing to do but sew?

Friday night was basket exchange night - just a couple of the beauties!
Busy worktables of fabulous creativity
Our lovely vendors!
A fraction of the amazing work being done
people really come prepared...

Some drool-worthy stashes
The other kind of stache
Retreat fashion
Haiku poets in action

Mug rug exchange
Snacks, shopping about town, a few snow flakes, and a rather large visitor
a big group hug to thank the amazing organizers - Jordyn & Nicole. They did a wonderful job!

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