Thursday, January 31, 2019

Welcome to the PhillyMQG Blog!

I’m not a blogger.  I have a personal blog with two posts. The last one dated Feb 2016.  Nevertheless, I’ve saved this blog post in my Google Drive
as PMQG Blog 1, so I must be planning something...

I’ve read enough blogs to know that the best ones are written from the heart, contain lots of details and make me smile.  So, my goal is to do all of
those things for you here during my tenure as Vice President for Community Involvement. (Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?)  Feel free to let me know
if you’d like to be a “guest blogger” and try your hand at this involvement thing!

To begin at the proverbial beginning, the new executive board for the Philly Modern Quilt Guild met the first week of January to plan activities for the
guild for the up-coming year.

Here are the lovely ladies at the helm this year.  

The “boardroom” at Panera’s heard lots of serious contemplations, thought provoking questions, friendly banter, and laughter as we scheduled events
for the next 12 months and beyond!  It soon became apparent to a newbie like me that running a guild of this size is no small feat. Fortunately, things
seemed to be organized; Schedules & agendas were printed and distributed and we all scribbled copious notes on what we needed to do and when
we needed to do it in order to keep this organization running smoothly.  

Which brings me to this blog.  Part of my duties is to use this space to report what we’ve been doing, what we are going to do, and perhaps, at times,
inspire you to express your creative selves.  

What have we been doing?
Our January meeting saw a push for members to wear name tags.  We have many new members and name tags are a great way to open up to someone.  
Personally, I am terrible with names so ya'll are doing me a great service. And every time you wear your name tag to a meeting, you are entered into a
drawing for some quilty swag.  What? Free stuff? I couldn’t finish that 3 year old, half-finished name tag fast enough!

What is awesome about asking creative people to make something with their name on it, is all the creativity that was evident in the variety of name tags.  
So much fun just looking at them all. I wish I had taken a picture of every one!

We had our annual Elfster Holiday Gift Swap at the January meeting.  Members sign up and get paired anonymously with another member and give
them holiday presents.  Gifts must be handmade, but not necessarily by the giver. As I watch members open their presents, I am usually feeling an
urge to step up my game, get creative, and make something beautiful & useful. From the simple, yet elegant, to the completely-out-of-my-skill-set
complicated, the handiwork is always appreciated, admired, and loved by the recipient. Nothing beats a hand-made gift. Amiright?

Finally, we ended the meeting in our usual way, with Show & Tell.  Did you ever notice that when someone shows a quilt there is always a moment when
the audience makes a collective, appreciative sound? It usually sounds like an oh! of surprise or delight.  Sometimes, it is as loud as a gasp. Just pay
attention next time. I bet you didn’t even know you were doing it.


Yeah, I can't fix those photos. Anybody know how to get those %$#^% to line up neatly? Help!

And now it's time for the audience participation portion of this blog post. Personally, I dislike the idea of having a sign-up sheet for Show & Tell at meetings.
Presumably, this is so this blogger can publish the maker's name with their picture. My opinion may be in the minority here. Let me know in the comments
below, won't you? I swear I'll re-examine the need for sign-ups if most of you are enamored of the notion.

Respectfully Posted