Tuesday, February 26, 2019


It has been my experience that quilters, as a whole, are givers.  We make things and then, naturally, we want to share them, sometimes by
giving them away.  I am still at the point in my quilting life where not everyone in my family has a quilt, but I know so many quilters who are well
past that point and now make for the love of making, but need an outlet to share or give away all those lovingly crafted items.  

Enter the charity quilts.  Pulse massacre, Oklahoma tornadoes, Texas or Florida hurricanes and quilters spring into action.   We want to help so
we make things and send them off with good wishes and hopes for grateful recipients.  We count our blessings and feel fortunate to be able to give
to those whose needs are so critical.

But what about those ongoing needs?  Babies in the NICU at the local hospital, people in hospice facing then end of a well-lived life, those battling
breast cancer, and the odd organization looking for a quilt to auction off in a raffle.  These are some of the charities that local quilters contribute to
every day, all the time, year round.

At the PhillyMQG, we have adopted many charities over the years;  During my involvement in the guild, we made quilts for the Orlando Modern Guild,
placemats for a local food kitchen, menstrual kits for girls in third world countries, and drain bags for breast cancer patients.  This year, we have
decided to create string blocks to fabricate quilts to have on hand for needs that arise suddenly.

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String quilts always look so warm and comforting to me.

Image may contain: 10 people, including Danielle Gallagher, Janet Perry, Kyona Nason, Sarah Bond and Deborah Woodworth, people smiling, people standing
Some of the guild members with our quild’s 2019 charity quilt hanging at quiltcon in Nashville.  The quilt will eventually be given to a local charity.

There are many charities that need sewn items and as a quilter/sewist, I feel lucky to be able to provide them. I like to create, to make, to share, to give.  

And now for the interactive portion of the blog.
Do you have a charity you sew for?  Is there some organization you are happy to contribute your time and effort to?  
Share in the comments below. Maybe you will inspire someone else!

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