Monday, May 20, 2019

I’m pleased to share with you a spotlight on

Tricia Patton Scott

I’m not a bag lady, but if I was, I’d want one that Trish made.  She creates finely crafted, one of a kind,
amazing bags that make even this girl oooooohhh and aaaaahhhh.

Tricia was inspired to start quilting by her sister-in-law.  She had watched her make quilts and decided
she wanted to give it a try.  
Her beginnings with hand crafts began in her teens when she made her first set of counted cross stitch and knitting.  
She continues knitting these days, mostly fingerless gloves and socks.
When she first started quilting she had no idea there were classes and quilt shops.  All of what she has done and learned
has been self taught, following patterns and, these days, You Tube.

Trish likes to label her quilts and she has an embroidery machine which she often uses, but at the very minimum,
she will write her name and the date on the back with a marker.

Anyone who spends any time with Trish knows of her love of all things Tula Pink and she considers Tula and Angela Walters her “virtual mentors.”  

Here is a close up of some of her quilting

Trish enjoys making wall hangings to try out new things and she changes them out seasonally.  She’s currently
working on a spring panel of flowers to hang in her livingroom.

Favorite quilting tool is her sit-down mid-arm, Babylock Tiara and since she’s had it, her quilting has become more
and more complex.  She loves quilting for other people!

Here is Trish's favorite quilt

Some things about Quilty Trish:
Organizes her fabric by designer, theme, and color
She gravitates towards blues, greens and purples.

I also organize my fabric by color and I gravitate toward blue, green and purple just like Trish.

What about you? Tell use some us something about quilty you in the comments below.