Monday, April 20, 2020

            Welcome to our April edition of our member projects series. Hopefully you are safely ensconced at home putting that fabric stash to good use staying happy and healthy. This month’s member is Cindy Barone!

          Cindy moved to this side of Pennsylvania in 1983. She grew up in Rockville Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC. She lived in Pittsburgh for 2 years while going to Point Park College. She has three children, two of which live nearby, and one lives in Ridgewood Queens, New York. She describes herself as always having been a maker, she started creating things from an early age. She started machine sewing in her junior high school home economics class. Her mom was a sewist, but Cindy wasn’t allowed to touch her mother’s machine, but she was inspired by her surroundings. Cindy’s mom had a huge fabric stash and worked at a local fabric shop. Cindy remembers visiting her at work. In addition to quilting Cindy also scrapbooks and makes clothing. One very fun fact about Cindy is that when she was in her teens, she learned to ride a unicycle!
          Where quilting is concerned, she started quilting right about the time that she turned 30, she was always fascinated by quilts and remembers seeing a double wedding ring quilt on the TV show The Waltons and falling in love with that pattern. She expanded her quilting knowledge by taking many classes. 

I asked Cindy what her favorite thing about quilting was and this is what she had to say:

I always have ideas about things that I want to make, techniques I want to try and of course fabric I want to buy. I love when an idea I have turns into what I thought it would be. I like the results that you can get from paper piecing, I'm still working on my technique. I have taken 4 classes from Sarah Bond and am starting to really catch on. The quilting is my least favorite part, I do it but don't really love it. I like piecing, sometimes I follow a pattern and sometimes I use parts of a pattern and add my own twist to it.” 

When asked about her quilting style she think she leans toward modern and she love prints. She’s tried a little bit of everything but says even her traditional quilts from the past have a little bit of a modern twist to them.

The current project that Cindy is working on (well, one of the current projects – Cindy says she always has several projects in the works at any given moment) and wanted to share with you all is a quilt from Christina Cameli's book "Wedge Quilt Workshop" called Diamond Chain. Cindy took a class with her at Quiltcon right before the book came out and she love making quilts with the wedge rulers. Cindy loves the fact that these quilts look complicated but really aren’t. This project is a specific gift for anyone says Cindy; she tends to make quilts and hang on to them for a while and then give them away. So this one will live with her for a while. If you are interested in wedge quilts, Cindy recommends this book and if you ever get the opportunity to take a class with Christina Cameli Cindy says to do it, it was a great class!

Some other quilt resources / eye candy that Cindy recommends:
@gnomeangel  Angie has a great newletter
@afewscraps Christina Cameli
@sewhungryhippie Natalie Santini (good source for vinyl.)
@helens__closet for garmet sewing patterns
@cottoneer (this place puts together beautiful fabric collections.)