Sunday, January 3, 2021

Postcard Swaps

 2020 brought us many experiences that we've never had before.  We haven't met as an in person guild since February 2020 and we miss each other!  In fact, human contact outside of our individual bubbles is probably the thing we miss the most. We are now finishing up our second round of postcard swapping.  Our first round was in September and our second round is now finishing up. 

Fabric postcards are the perfect thing to send some encouragement to someone.  They're small and take less time to make than other swaps and they get to take a trip just as they are, without any additional packaging necessary.  USPS employees probably enjoy seeing them, too! 

Watch the video below to see postcards that were sent and received as of 1.3.21! (if you are viewing from a mobile device and don't see the picture below, please scroll all the way down this page and click on "change to web version" to view it.)